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April 10, 1999 Oncolynx
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Oncolynx is a free resource offered by Curridge Technologies for cancer patients and their families, medical students and practitioners, and anyone interested in cancer, available treatments and alternatives, and new developments in research.

Using the company's 'Lone Wolf' technology, Oncolynx delivers search results on cancer topics in a much more efficient manner than other available search engines.

Each query to Oncolynx triggers a new 'hunt', screened against it's existing links list, which adds any new links to the existing Oncolynx database, deletes all dead links to sites, and creates a new links page here at the Ophiuchus Society site, specifically targeted to the query.

The Ophiuchus Society mailing list subscribers are then notified automatically that a new list has been posted, and advises them which keywords were screened.

Oncolynx can be accessed from any Curridge Group site displaying the Oncolynx logo. All queries to Oncolynx trigger an entry of the user's email address into the emailing list of the site from which the query was generated. One-time users, who do not wish to be included on the email list must proactively unsuscribe by following the instructions at the end of the Oncolynx email.

All Curridge Group email lists are confidential, and are neither for sale or lease.

To use Oncolynx, now, CLICK HERE.



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