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April 7, 1999 Tyrell Dueck - An Update
oncolnx3.gif (14833 bytes) I was gratified to see that Canadian newscaster Lloyd Robertson on the 11:00 pm CTV news (April 6, 1999) mentioned the fact that Tyrell was doing well and there did not appear to be cancer in his lungs as first reported on March 19, 1999 when he was finally allowed, by the powers that be, to have the treatment he wanted.

On April 7, 1999 the Globe and Mail (one of Canada's national newspapers) devoted a seven to eight inch column to Tyrell's status.

The headline on page ten read "No Cancer in boy's lungs, tests show". American Biologics in Tijuana is the clinic the Dueck family decided was the best place to treat Tyrell's cancer. It was announced by the Scripps Memorial Hospital (San Diego) that the tests did not detect cancer in Tyrell's lungs. This report confirmed the same findings by American Biologics from last week.

As I expected there was not the same passion given to Tyrell's great diagnosis in Tijuana as the legal and medical battle in Saskatchewan received a few short weeks ago. There were no comments made in today's story about specific treatments that Tyrell is receiving and the only comment from the Saskatchewan Cancer Clinic, where Tyrell was treated briefly, is that they stand by their diagnosis.  This comment was given by the Clinic's lawyer Chris Boychuk.

I hope we will hear more good news about Tyrell in the days and weeks ahead and that alternative therapies will also get their fair share of coverage.  The time is long overdue that alternative therapies should be taken seriously.


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